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Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy is a therapeutic approach that invites connection to the whole of a person’s experience.  Whilst very gentle, it is a deeply corrective therapeutic treatment, that honours an individual’s capacity to find their own right way forward in their lives. 

Founded upon the philosophy of Gene Gendlin (Ph.D), Wholebody Focusing invites a reconnection to ourselves and to the world around us.  As a simple introduction to Wholebody Focusing and how it can impact your life, please watch the following 2 minute video.

Who can be helped with Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy?

Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy is appropriate for all ages.  Depending on the way of the client, Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy may also be incorporated as a foundation to other modalities, such as art therapy, play therapy, and the like.  As such, Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy is as appropriate for children as it is adults.

What does Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy address?

Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy can facilitate personal, spiritual and emotional growth and recovery.  Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy is very effective in supporting clients –

  • be with overwhelming emotions
  •  manage anxiety
  • improve the quality of their relationships
  • address phobias
  • meet the pain of grief
  • transform traumatic experiences
  • find life in depression
  • improve self esteem
  • work through addiction
  • find life direction

What do Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy sessions look like?

On the surface, Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy, can look like any other mindfulness based ‘talk therapy’ session.  However, upon engaging in Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy, clients pretty quickly come to appreciate the depth of experience that is enabled.  There is much focus in the sessions supporting clients to develop skills:

  • to manage their emotions
  • for self inquiry
  • to create healthy boundaries
  • to enable rich and authentic relationships
  • to discover new patterns of behaviour
  • to find capacity for greater calm
  • to connect to their deeper knowing
  • to discover themselves

Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy invites the client to come into mindful awareness of their whole experience, and at times expression through other mediums, such as; movement, dream, art, symbol and voice can also be helpful.  Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy does not involve any form of touch.

Who can practice Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy?

Only professional therapists, who are specifically trained and accredited by The International Focusing Institute in Wholebody Focusing, can offer Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy.  

Currently, Sarah Sacks is the only qualified Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapist in Melbourne, Australia.  Sessions are delivered both in person and via online video link.  If you would like to learn more about Wholebody Focusing or you would like to book a session, contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy today on 03-9532-4567 or Book ONLINE.


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