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At The Grove Counselling & Therapy, we offer counselling support to individuals, families and couples. As specialists in working with young people, we also offer counselling services to children and teenagers. Accustomed to working with a wide variety of issues, ranging from problems at home, depression, anxiety, to school or work place bullying, we offer counselling support at Elwood and treatment to people experiencing distress in their lives.

At The Grove, we have created a welcoming and private environment in which clients feel they can freely explore and make sense of their struggles. A common reason for an individual to seek counselling is often around the desire to talk to someone, without feeling judged. In the confidential and safe space, qualified and experienced counselors support clients to explore and find ways to move forward in their lives.

Counselling Elwood services provided by The Grove, are frequently accessed by clients to address problems and find solutions, around issues to do with family, friends, work and school. In addition we also regularly support our clients to explore and find paths to executing their dreams and hopes in life.

Issues Counselling Covers

The counselling services provided by The Grove cover a number of issues and disorders including:

Therapy Types

Every person is unique in how they experience the world. Consequently our counselling services are designed to meet each client’s needs individually. At The Grove we offer a wide range of therapy types and depending on the situation being addressed and the client’s sense of how they wish to work with their challenges, we tailor the therapy accordingly.

There are times when the gentleness of art therapy can be incredibly effective in supporting clients to find clarity around life situations that might otherwise not be revealed. For young children, who perhaps struggle to know how to share how they feel, play therapy or expressive therapies can be is very supportive. In situations where clients are experiencing somatic complaints alongside their personal struggles, whole body focusing oriented therapy can be transformative.

In all situations we look at the whole person and their whole life situation and as such provide a holistic therapy, including sand play therapy and mindfulness approaches to treatment.

Working with Professionals

If you or someone you care about is need of support and you are concerned about their emotional wellbeing or mental health, it is important to seek professional treatment. Counselling services, provided by a qualified and experienced counselor, are designed to offer a safe and confidential space in which you can share and seek treatment to your issues. Being a very individualised counselling service, a qualified counselor from The Grove will tailor a treatment plan to suit your unique situation, and offer as much professional support as is necessary, to help you find greater ease and richness in your life.

To learn more about counselling Elwood services, contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy today. Offering a wide variety of treatment options, professional counselors are ready to assist you.

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