Holistic Counselling is an Integrated Approach

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One of the most unique forms of counselling available today is known as holistic counselling. This type of counselling focuses on the person in their whole experience. The treatment approach considers both the psychological as well as the physiological and views the body, mind and spirit as an interconnected whole. The goal of holistic counselling is to empower the individual seeking treatment to discover their own inner wisdom and find a healing capacity within themselves. In addition, the holistic counselling journey supports the individual to find significant personal growth and self-discovery.

Holistic counselling is an integrated approach that incorporates a wide variety of theoretical understandings and treatment modalities, tailored to meet the individual’s world view, goals in therapy and their natural modes of expression.

Methods of Treatment

For some clients for whom symbolism is a powerful source of understanding and there is perhaps a deep dilemma, dream analysis or art therapy can be profoundly informative approaches to therapy. 

Based on the work of Carl Jung and subsequent theorists, dream analysis considers our dreams as windows to our subconscious.  When working with dreams, the therapist supports the client to find safety in connecting with the essence of their dreams and how this understanding applies to the client’s life today.

Whilst art therapy also taps into the subconscious, it is a mode of therapy that uses creativity to support the healing process.  Utilizing different mediums, ranging from clay, paint, crayon to craft activities and the like, art therapy can support enormous growth and recovery on a multitude of levels.  Differing from traditional art, art therapy brings emphasis to the process of creating rather than the end product, and is often used with children as well as adult seeking counselling support.

For other clients, who are seeking clarity around how to address an immediate stress in their lives, short-term solutions focused therapy can be very appropriate.  This approach to the therapy, invites clients to makes sense of the issues they are facing and then further helps them to develop strategies and solutions to address these struggles.

In contrast, mindfulness based approaches to therapy such as wholebody focusing oriented therapy, invites deeply grounded present moment awareness to the whole of a client’s experience.  Wholebody focusing oriented therapy can be incredibly beneficial, particularly for individuals who are struggling with - overwhelming emotions, physical pain, relationships difficulties, or deep uncertainty in their lives.   

Holistic counseling offers a variety of integrated treatment methods for individuals who are seeking counseling services.  Anxiety, depression, relationship stress, grief and the processing of trauma are just a few of the reasons why individuals may seek an holistic approach to counselling.

Tailored to meet your world view, your therapeutic goals and your natural modes of expression, our highly experienced holistic therapists can assist you with your counselling treatment needs. 

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The Best Holistic Counselling in Melbourne

You may have heard of holistic counselling before. What does it mean? Actually it's not a standard clinical term, and can be open to different interpretations. The Grove is a center of holistic counselling in Melbourne, and what it means for us is an approach to counselling that seeks to treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

To be completely well, you need a healthy body just as much as you need a healthy mind. Many psychological disorders can be traced back to hormonal imbalances, and these imbalances can come from not properly maintaining bodily health.

What is Holistic Counselling?

Another result of not having a healthy body is that it can lead to psychological disorders such as low self-esteem. This is particularly likely to be the case if you are overweight, underweight, or otherwise feel unattractive.

Health problems can also cause anxiety and distress. This is why proper holistic counselling is a sensible idea, because in treating psychological disorders, the body should not be neglected.

The factors required for a healthy body include good nutrition, appropriate amounts of sleep, getting sufficient physical exercise, living and working in a healthy environment, managing stress, and reducing (or, even better, eliminating) use of intoxicating substances.

What Does Holistic Counselling Do?

Sometimes just making adjustments to the physical health practices that are part of your daily routine is sufficient to get you feeling well again, but other times the problems are much more than skin deep.

People who have suffered from extreme stress, trauma, anxiety, or depression can need a bit more help. Yet these conditions are all treatable with the right counselling.

Counselling works because it allows you the opportunity to talk about whatever is troubling you, and you can talk about it in a safe and confidential environment.

Your counsellor can then provide you with guidance or advice specific to your circumstances. They may also be able to recommend additional therapies and lifestyle changes that may help you.

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It is our all-round approach to counselling that makes The Grove one of the most highly recommended Melbourne holistic counselling practice.

The counsellors at The Grove are qualified professional counsellors with years of experience, and a strong focus on holistic healing methods. The quality of care you will receive from our team is second to none, and you can expect the highest standards.

If you are looking for holistic counseling in Melbourne, get in touch with The Grove today. You can call us on (03) 9532 4567 to book an appointment or request more information.

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