Counselling for Children

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Whether a teenager or a small child, child counseling can be incredibly supportive for children and their families, when facing difficulties in their lives.

Perhaps you have noticed that your child experiences phobias, is highly anxious or struggles to go to sleep. May be you are worried that your child has difficulty with friendships, is disruptive in school or is possibly depressed.

Child counselling can help.

Child counseling provides an environment for the child to safely explore, express and resolve areas of distress in their lives.

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Who Can Benefit from Children’s Counselling?

Child counseling is appropriate for small children up to approximately 10 year olds. Regarded as specialists in children counseling in Melbourne, our child therapists regularly support children that are struggling with issues related to:

  • friends,
  • bullying,
  • illness,
  • blended families,
  • death,
  • learning difficulties,
  • mental illness,
  • separated families,
  • addiction in the family,
  • family financial stress,
  • and sadly abuse

In these situations, not knowing how to make sense of what is happening in their worlds, young children can become highly distressed, often feeling like they are at fault. Even though teens are more able to understand these sorts of events, they too can become overwhelmed with conflicting emotions, and feel responsible. In addition, for teens, common reasons for seeking counselling can be around bullying, peer pressure and feeling like they fail to fit in, which can lead to depression or even thoughts of suicide.


If you Notice:

  • a dramatic shift in levels of emotional distress (heightened or flat)
  • change in sleeping (disturbed or significantly increased)
  • an unexplained difference in eating patterns
  • heightened levels of anxiety or anger
  • disengagement from the world (friends, interests or schoolwork)

Shifts in behavior can be suggestive that your child is struggling, and we encourage you to be proactive in seeking child counselling treatment and support.

No matter the reason, that you are seeking support, child counselling treatment can help.

What Will Counselling Provide?

A child counselor will be able to provide a safe environment free of judgment or expectation, in which the child can gently express, explore and resolve feelings and situations in their lives that are causing them distress. Depending on the age and the nature of the child and situation at hand, the child therapist will offer a variety of therapeutic treatment approaches. These could include;

  • art therapy
  • expressive therapies
  • play therapy
  • talk therapy

What to Expect

For younger children, the initial session will be between the professional child therapist and the child’s parent(s) - this is known as a ‘parent interview’. During this parent interview the child therapist will seek to develop an holistic view of the problems at hand – learning about the nature of the child’s distress, how the child and the family are affected in this, the supports that are available to everyone involved, and what has exacerbated or helped the child in the past. During this session a treatment plan will be agreed upon, between the parents and the child therapist.

For teens, much of this same background information will be gleaned over the phone between the therapist and the parent, however a parent interview will not be necessary.

Subsequent to developing a full picture of the child’s situation, one-to-one therapy sessions will commence, between the child and the professional child therapist. Whether the child be very young or a teenager these sessions generally occur without the presence of the parent or guardian. Often times, for fear of judgment or because of how ashamed the child may feel for what they have done or felt, children will hold back when a family member is present.

To ensure that parent(s) remain informed over the counselling period, depending on the age of the child, regular phone calls and parent meetings will be scheduled, between the child therapist and the parent(s). Long lasting tangible results can be best achieved when children feel at ease and are able to freely engage with the child counselling treatment.

Counselling can Help

Our professional counsellors are here to help your child find greater ease in life. If your child is in need of counselling treatment and support, contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy today on 03-9532-4567 or book a session via our Online BOOKING service.

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The Grove specializes in several forms of additional counselling including; family counselling, teen counselling and couples counselling.