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For many, family can be a great source of love, encouragement and support. However, under times of stress or strain, the family system can struggle - people can get hurt and relationships can deteriorate. A strained family can have devastating effects, for both the children and the adults. Family counselling can help.

Common sources of strain that can cause families to struggle:

  • financial pressure,
  • separation or divorce,
  • illness in the family,
  • abuse,
  • disability,
  • death of a loved one,
  • sibling rivalry,
  • addiction,
  • mental health issues,
  • moving location or country
  • gambling,
  • blending of families
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The Best Family Counselling in Melbourne

We all imagine that families are supposed to get along, but in reality it's not always how things go. As a family, it's important to recognise when we need help, which isn't easy for most people to realize or admit.

The difficulty to overcome is that most people are taught by society and the families they grew up in, that their problems are their own and they should resolve things all by themselves.

But think about how difficult that is. When you're trying to solve problems that affect you personally, it's actually very difficult to see the way out, because you're just too close to the problem, and all the emotion that goes with it.

What can help is family counselling. When you need family counselling in Melbourne, you can get help from The Grove.

Getting help is the right thing to do

Our trained and experienced counsellors are experts in Melbourne family counselling. It's important to get this counselling because families that don't get help are more likely to fragment. That doesn't do anybody any good, so if you're experiencing difficulties, get help before it's too late.

Counselling sessions are completely confidential, and you have no need to worry. Counsellors at The Grove are completely professional in every way, and will provide you with non-judgemental advice is a supportive setting.

Family Counselling - You are not alone

Every family has their ups and downs. Whatever you are going through right now is probably a lot more common than you may think. Problems do need to be dealt with, however, because small problems left unattended have a tendency to escalate into bigger problems.

You already know that small problems are easier to solve than big problems, which is why it's best to get family counselling at the first signs there may be a problem than to wait until there's already some major consequences.

Get the Family Counselling You Need

On the other hand, it's never too late to seek help. However big a problem may be, there must be a way to solve the problem. We'll help you find the way.

Perhaps the biggest advantage you have with professional family counselling at The Grove is that you don't have to deal with the problems alone. You're getting help from experienced professionals who have a good depth of insight into how to help you, because as we said earlier, there are a lot of families that struggle with similar problems.

If you're tired of struggling, if you want some effective strategies, if you want to see real results, there is no better decision than to pick up the phone and call The Grove on (03) 9532 4567.

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You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
— Kahlil Gibran

Stress or breakdown of a family system can have a significant impact

Perhaps one of your children has become very unwell, and you do everything you can to care for them. However, the months of doctors and hospital visits has taken its toll – on you and on your relationship with your partner. You also note that your youngest child has become very withdrawn and seems to have unexplained angry outbursts. They are refusing to attend school, mixing with the wrong crowd and you are worried that they might be depressed. Family counselling can help.

At other times, patterns of behavior can develop within the family, that are perhaps destructive or not as inherently supportive as they could be. These patterns may arise due to stress or strain, but can also arise in response behaviors, modeled in our own upbringing. Family counselling can help.

A professional counselor will be able to identify the dynamics at play within the family and working together, begin to offer counselling support, helping you all to find clarity and relief. However, without the support of a professional, amid powerful family dynamics that often fuel disharmony, it can be hard for families to work through difficult family times.

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What to Expect

To get started, we will invite you to meet with one of our family counselling Melbourne professionals. During the initial appointment, time will be spent learning about; your sense of the root of the problems, how these have evolved, how you and other members of your family are impacted today, and ultimately what you would like to achieve through the counselling process.

The counselor will then assess the situation, and together with you develop a plan for the therapeutic path forward. It is not uncommon in family counselling, for different members of the one family to be working with a number of family therapists within the same practice.

With you and your family’s consent, these family therapist professionals will work collaboratively to support each member of the family individually, as well as the whole family overall. At other times, more than two members of the family may also be invited to attend sessions together with the one family counselling professional.

Each family is unique, and as such the therapeutic path forward offered to each family is very individual, tailored to meet your needs and your goals.

How Family Counselling Can Help

Many people are skeptical of the value of family counselling, not really understanding how this type of support can help. With effective family counselling, you will see:

  • improvements in communication between family members
  • greater confidence in parenting skills
  • reduction of family conflict
  • increased understanding and support for each other within the family
  • improved relationships

These skills are particularly beneficial when navigating significant change within a family, particularly around:

  • early parent-hood
  • separation or divorce
  • illness / disability or death of a family member
  • the teenage years
  • moving into adulthood
  • new relationships

Family counselling services, can provide the necessary tools needed to support each member of the family navigate these transitions in a healthy way. Conflict becomes reduced, relationships are improved, and the family unit to grows stronger.

A significant problem for many families is around communication. With the help of a professional counselor, families can develop healthier communication skills. With the support of counselling, the communication between family members becomes respectful and supportive of one another.

Counselling can Help

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If you are experiencing issues within your family, contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy for assistance on 03-9532-4567, or book a session via our Online BOOKING service.

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