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Art therapy is a type of therapy, which uses creativity to help with the healing process.  Applying a variety of means for exploration, Art Therapy enables personal, spiritual and emotional growth and recovery. Through the process of creating, Art Therapy can support clients in making sense of their internal worlds, whilst also helping them to reduce stress, improve self esteem and manage overwhelming emotions.  Art Therapy differs from traditional art, in that the emphasis is on the process of creating rather the end product, and thus no artistic skill is required to engage in Art Therapy. 

Who Can Benefit from Art Therapy?

Regardless of our age, we can all benefit from Art Therapy.  Often associated with child counselling, Art Therapy is an incredibly effective treatment for anyone who is struggling to make sense of their lives.  Art Therapy can be very helpful when working through family separation, bullying, suspected abuse, loss, trauma, depression, relationship issues and other difficult times.  Providing a means of expression beyond the spoken word, Art Therapy supports us to safely find capacity to connect, express and find healing in these struggles, and as such, is just as applicable to adults and adolescents as to children.

Art Therapy is often incorporated into our therapy sessions at The Grove.  As trained professionals in Art Therapy Melbourne, our therapists offer Art Therapy treatment to children, adolescents and adults. 

What to Expect

Since Art Therapy is not about making beautiful art or life-like pictures, clients do not need any artistic skill or experience to benefit from Art Therapy.  Offered in a safe space, free of judgment or expectation, Art Therapy is about using art materials for the purposes of expression, processing and understanding. 

Many clients that are initially nervous about making art, find Art Therapy to be a very liberating experience.  It is common for a wide variety art mediums to be used, helping the client find the most personally appropriate form of expression for them.  Art mediums can include; collage, paint, clay, crayons, paper, chalk, items from nature, and the list goes on.

Sometimes the sessions involve talking and sometimes they are more about art making, with the therapist journeying alongside the client.  Regardless of what the Art Therapy session looks like, the process of creating and being actively witnessed in the experience, can be therapeutically very powerful.

How Art Therapy can Help

Often, individuals struggle to share the depth of their pain in words or phrases.  Art Therapy gives an individual the opportunity to express powerful feelings, in a non-verbal way.  The making of art, can then lead to discussion and a deeper understanding of a situation.  At other times more can be said in pictures rather than words and this can help with the resolution and integration of experiences.

Art therapy also works well for individuals who experience developmental disability, equally offering a medium for expression, exploration and healing.

Find Greater Ease in Your Life

Many of us will have experienced the impact of art in our world.  During times of stress, perhaps you find relief in listening to music, doodling or colouring.  Or for others, through the process of writing, you reach clarity to your problems.  With the support of an experienced art therapist, Art Therapy treatment can help you safely connect to your emotional distress, work through problems and find solutions and healing in your life.

Our qualified Art Therapists at The Grove Counselling & Therapy are here to help you. 


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