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Adolescence can be both a hugely exciting and equally demanding time for teenagers and those around them. Apart from the obvious physical changes that happen to a teenager’s body, adolescence is a time of enormous personal growth. However, with mental health issues being most commonly identified during the teen years, this growth is not always trouble free. Perhaps your teen is having troubles at school, with their friends or at home. Teenage counseling can help.

Counselling for teenagers can help your adolescent child –

  • develop increased self worth,
  • improve communication and social skills,
  • feel empowered in response to peer pressure,
  • improve relationships within the family
  • find ease in their sexual orientation
  • make positive choices for their future
  • navigate friendships
  • work through confusing and powerful emotions
  • develop skills to meet and address anxiety
  • actively engage in school and life
  • find direction as they grow into themselves

Working hard to navigate a myriad of issues, ranging from friendships and school engagement, to drugs and sexuality, teenagers are under a lot of pressure to forge a path forward in life. This time of growing independence can be incredibly challenging and often very confronting, for both the teen as well as their parents. Teen counseling can support you all.

Does Your Teen Need Counselling?

Taking a moment to consider the challenges your teenager is facing and whether there have been significant shifts in your teen’s behavior, can be a good place to start.

  • Has there been a death or major illness in the family or in your teenager’s friendship group?
  • Have relationships broken down between family members?
  • Has there been a bullying incident at school or in their workplace?
  • Is your teenager struggling with their learning?
  • Have you noticed that your teenager’s eating habits have shifted lately?
  • Are you having trouble getting along with your teenager?
  • Perhaps your teen has stopped socialising with friends or has become withdrawn.
  • Has your teen become highly emotional or has their behavior become unusually erratic?

Any change in behavior can signal that the teen is dealing with something, be it peer pressure, bullying or something else. Parents need to be aware of any signs of distress or issue that may be contributing to this for their teen. Regarded as specialist in teen counseling in Melbourne, The Grove Counselling & Therapy can help.


What to Expect

When you call to speak to one of our therapists about teenager counselling in Melbourne, you may be wondering about what to expect. Initially the teen counselor will spend a significant amount of time speaking with you over the phone working to understand - your teenager’s struggles and your concerns for your teenager. Having developed some clarity around your teenager’s situation, you and the teen counselor will then decide whether an initial appointment should be scheduled for yourself, or simply for your teenager with the teen counselor.

Teenagers can often feel embarrassed or ashamed when discussing personal issues in front of their parents. Consequently, teen counseling is best offered as a one-to-one process between the professional teen counsellor and the teenager. Parents are kept informed throughout the counseling process, however, at all times confidentiality between the teenager and the teen counselor will be maintained.

The first appointment is often the most difficult for any teenager, so we encourage you to speak openly with your teen about what to expect and how counseling can help.

A critical aspect of the teenage counseling process, is to provide a non-judgmental environment for teens to feel safe discussing any part of their life. Experienced teen counselors are skilled in supporting teenagers to open up and explore challenges they may be experiencing with friends, at home, or at school. Teens can struggle with the pressures of everyday life, negative thoughts, low self-esteem or other difficulties. Experienced teenage counselors can help your teenager begin to make sense of their world and find solutions to their problems.

Teen Counselling can Help

Sessions can be scheduled to begin to help your teen feel more positive about life.

If you feel that your teen is in need of support, contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy for assistance on 03-9532-4567 or book a session via our Online BOOKING service.

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