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Adolescence can be both a hugely exciting and equally demanding time for teenagers and those around them. Apart from the obvious physical changes that happen to a teenager’s body, adolescence is a time of enormous personal growth. However, with mental health issues being most commonly identified during the teen years, this growth is not always trouble free. Perhaps your teen is having troubles at school, with their friends or at home. Teenage counseling can help.

Counselling for teenagers can help your adolescent child –

  • develop increased self worth,
  • improve communication and social skills,
  • feel empowered in response to peer pressure,
  • improve relationships within the family
  • find ease in their sexual orientation
  • make positive choices for their future
  • navigate friendships
  • work through confusing and powerful emotions
  • develop skills to meet and address anxiety
  • actively engage in school and life
  • find direction as they grow into themselves

Working hard to navigate a myriad of issues, ranging from friendships and school engagement, to drugs and sexuality, teenagers are under a lot of pressure to forge a path forward in life. This time of growing independence can be incredibly challenging and often very confronting, for both the teen as well as their parents. Teen counseling can support you all.
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Teenage Counselling

Being a teenager has never been easy. It's a time when you don't feel like a child any more (but maybe sometimes miss that feeling), and you also don't have all the rights and freedoms of an adult.

Becoming a teenager usually means:

  • Higher expectations placed on you
  • Increased responsibility
  • More accountability for your actions
  • Heightened need to fit in
  • Constant reminders that you have to plan your future
  • Sometimes the feeling that others are trying to plan for you
  • Temptations coming at you from all directions

All this can add up to serious pressure. Many people, no matter how old they are, find it difficult to cope with all the pressure that they feel is on them. That can lead to some regrettable decisions, sometimes.

Do you feel like everyone is telling you what to do, but nobody is listening to what you have to say? You may feel like you're all alone in this, but you're not. All around you, thousands of other teens are experiencing similar problems. Most of them don't say anything about it, but that doesn't mean they're not going through it.

But what can you do to help yourself? Well, we think it's always good to talk about problems, but not everyone is good at listening, and there are even fewer people who are capable of giving good advice.

Teen counselling is really worth a try. Professional counselling for teens is provided by adults who are experts in helping young people to get to grips with their problems.

How Teenage Counselling can help

You may be wondering why you should trust this advice to seek teenage counselling. Quite simply, the best answer we can give you is that the adults who provide counselling for teenagers were once upon a time teenagers themselves. So they know a bit about the kinds of pressures you may be facing, because they've faced similar pressures.

It doesn't necessarily mean they've had the exact same experiences as you, because everyone is different and grows up in different circumstances. But one thing they do have is experience of being teenagers and being adults, so they can see things from two perspectives.

As experienced people and trained professional counsellors, they talk with a lot of different teenagers about the problems that people sometimes go through.

These individuals usually have above average empathy, and from experience they'll often know what solutions have worked for others in the past, and therefore what may work for you too.

Seeking Teenage Counselling in Melbourne?

Counselling for teenagers is Melbourne is provided by an organization called The Grove. It's not the only place you can seek help from teen counselling in Melbourne, but it's certainly one of the best places to choose.

The Grove provides counselling for teens in person, and also teenage counselling online. We recommend that most people take advantage of the opportunity for counselling in person. Communication works so much better in person compared to the online world. That may not have been your experience up to now, but you will see what a difference it makes when somebody is sincerely willing to listen to you.

About Teenage Counselling at The Grove

The Grove is at the forefront of youth counselling in Melbourne, and one of very few services offering teenage counselling online in Melbourne. Sessions are by appointment, and you can choose if you want to have your parents or other adults present or not.

Counselling is confidential. Anything you say stays between the counsellor and yourself, except when you threaten to harm yourself or somebody else. You can tell us anything at all, and we'll listen to you and give you advice if you need it.

Most importantly, we won't judge you. One thing not everyone understands about counselling teens is that whoever you might be right now, it's not who you're eventually going to become.

It won't seem that way to you at the moment, but when you look back from the future, you will understand that all of us are constantly changing throughout life. Change is a very good thing, though it's what most people fear most.

We will help you make sense of things that don't seem to make sense right now. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective. You may at times feel like there's nothing you can do to take the pressure off you, but the truth is help is always available, no matter how big or small a problem might be.

Don't wait to get counselling

When you have any kind of problem, it's always best to get help as early as possible. If you wait to seek help, most problems just get worse. Of course it is much easier to solve smaller problems than bigger ones, which is why it's best not to wait before you get help.

We've been counselling teenagers long enough that there's nothing that would be too shocking or difficult for us to talk about. Sometimes all it takes to help clear things up is to talk to an adult who will actually listen to you. It's the best way to get unbiased advice that you can rely on.

Counselling is always helpful, no matter what the situation you're in may be. There are all kinds of things that may be possible as solutions. Working together with your counsellor, you can find out what they might be. That essentially is one of the primary aims of counselling.

Set up an appointment now

If you're going through a rough time, it's time to seek help. Life is all about choices, and every choice we make has power to change our life in one way or another. Even seemingly insignificant choices can sometimes have major consequences later on.

But something else you should know is that when you're a teen, it's easy to attach too much importance to some things. Often it turns out that something you thought was going to ruin your life is really not as terrible as it seems. Talking to a counsellor can make a big difference for you.

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So call The Grove on (03) 9532-4567 or https://the-grove-counselling-therapy.cliniko.com/bookings%23service book online and set up a counselling session as soon as you're ready, or maybe even before you're ready. It's just important that you do.

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Does Your Teen Need Counselling?

Taking a moment to consider the challenges your teenager is facing and whether there have been significant shifts in your teen’s behavior, can be a good place to start.

  • Has there been a death or major illness in the family or in your teenager’s friendship group?
  • Have relationships broken down between family members?
  • Has there been a bullying incident at school or in their workplace?
  • Is your teenager struggling with their learning?
  • Have you noticed that your teenager’s eating habits have shifted lately?
  • Are you having trouble getting along with your teenager?
  • Perhaps your teen has stopped socialising with friends or has become withdrawn.
  • Has your teen become highly emotional or has their behavior become unusually erratic?

Any change in behavior can signal that the teen is dealing with something, be it peer pressure, bullying or something else. Parents need to be aware of any signs of distress or issue that may be contributing to this for their teen. Regarded as specialist in teen counseling in Melbourne, The Grove Counselling & Therapy can help.


What to Expect

When you call to speak to one of our therapists about teenager counselling in Melbourne, you may be wondering about what to expect. Initially the teen counselor will spend a significant amount of time speaking with you over the phone working to understand - your teenager’s struggles and your concerns for your teenager. Having developed some clarity around your teenager’s situation, you and the teen counselor will then decide whether an initial appointment should be scheduled for yourself, or simply for your teenager with the teen counselor.

Teenagers can often feel embarrassed or ashamed when discussing personal issues in front of their parents. Consequently, teen counseling is best offered as a one-to-one process between the professional teen counsellor and the teenager. Parents are kept informed throughout the counseling process, however, at all times confidentiality between the teenager and the teen counselor will be maintained.

The first appointment is often the most difficult for any teenager, so we encourage you to speak openly with your teen about what to expect and how counseling can help.

A critical aspect of the teenage counseling process, is to provide a non-judgmental environment for teens to feel safe discussing any part of their life. Experienced teen counselors are skilled in supporting teenagers to open up and explore challenges they may be experiencing with friends, at home, or at school. Teens can struggle with the pressures of everyday life, negative thoughts, low self-esteem or other difficulties. Experienced teenage counselors can help your teenager begin to make sense of their world and find solutions to their problems.

Teen Counselling can Help

Sessions can be scheduled to begin to help your teen feel more positive about life.

If you feel that your teen is in need of support, contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy for assistance on 03-9532-4567 or book a session via our Online BOOKING service.

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At the Grove Counselling & Therapy we also offer Child Counselling in Melbourne for younger aged children, Couples Counselling in Melbourne, Parent and Family Counselling in Melbourne.

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