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Online Counselling is a product of our modern age.  Some of us know we need help, but struggle to find the time to make it to an appointment.  For others there is a fear of being in a foreign environment and seek the comfort of our own home.

Online counselling is particularly useful to if you are:

  • experiencing illness
  • a parent of young children
  • living in remote location or a rural community
  • your schedule is very tight
  • you want help, but feel highly uncomfortable in new environments 
  • you live overseas or are traveling 
  • you are a time compromised teenager

What is Online Counselling?

Online Counselling at The Grove is provided via a secure online video platform called Zoom.  For those that are more familiar with Skype, we are comfortable using this platform as well.  Essentially Online Counselling is talk therapy using an online medium.  It is very safe, secure and convenient.

Initially we recommend meeting over the phone.  This is a time that we learn about your most significant struggles and together determine whether Online Counselling is appropriate for you.  If together we decide to proceed, you and your therapist schedule time to meet via the online video platform.  

Just as if you were meeting face-to-face, your first session will be an intake session and will run for 90 minutes, and your subsequent appointments will be standard sessions and will run for 60 minutes.  

At The Grove, we take your wellbeing very seriously.  As we would in a face-to-face counselling, we will ask that you provide details of:

  • your GP or any medical practitioners / specialists that you are consulting
  • a person you could reach out to, if you needed to be with someone

Generally we do not recommend Online Counselling for those that are:

  • quite unstable or psychologically unwell
  • at risk to themselves or others
  • under 16 years of age
  • couples seeking relationship support

Does Online Counselling really work?

Whilst Online Counselling does not afford us the same opportunity to perhaps engage in Art Therapy or therapy using Sandplay & Symbol work, it is an incredibly effective medium for talk therapy.  For those clients that have experienced trauma in their lives, Online Counselling, can help them feel very safe and empowered in the work, as they have complete control over their environment.  In the case of Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy, clients and therapists alike, comment on how powerfully they experience the therapy, when the the attention is so actively brought to one another through the screen medium.  

Online Counselling is not for everyone, but it may be for you.  


What do I need to do Online Counselling?

Counselling is very personal work.  Before each session we recommend that you take time to prepare yourself and your space accordingly.  Shut the doors, turn off the phone, get yourself a glass of water, and maybe even light a candle, that you then blow out once the session is complete.  To make the most of the session, be ready to commence 5 minutes before your appointed time.

Whilst the online medium is very convenient and easy to access, it is important that you ensure you are in a space that is:

  • private
  • distraction or disturbance free
  • comfortable

You will need:

How do I pay?

At the end of each session we ask that you provide your credit card details and payment is made using our secure payment terminal.  Just as for face-to-face clients, a receipt and follow up session details are then emailed to you.

I live in a different time zone, what do I do?

All Online Counselling sessions are conducted from our practice in St Kilda East, Melbourne Australia (Australian Eastern Standard Time).  If you are located in a different time zone, we ask that you consult to determine your relevant time zone.  Please note all appointment and reminder information will refer to the Melbourne, Australian time time and date of your appointment.

How do I book?

The simplest way to book an Online Counselling session is to book via our Online BOOKING service, accessible through our website.  


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Otherwise, you are always very welcome to contact us directly by phone +61-3-9532-4567 or email to schedule an appointment with us.

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