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Anxiety would come on suddenly and unexpectedly. Often when I was anxious I would feel completely out of control, unable to think straight and totally overwhelmed. Sometimes it would get so hard to deal with that I would avoid leaving the house, in case I might run into that situation again...
— M. Smith

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a common condition that many people suffer from, at different times in their lives. Whilst a degree of anxiety is normal, for some people, anxiety can become a daily struggle, which can begin to interfere with life.

Anxiety is very individual -

How we experience anxiety, how anxiety affects our life, and what contributes to us feeling anxious - is very individual.

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Common features of anxiety:

  • excessive worry
  • emotional distress
  • tension
  • hyper-vigilance
  • avoidance
  • irrational thinking
  • somatic expression
  • tendency to hide the symptoms
  • panic
  • self medicating
  • acting out
  • obsessive behaviours
  • isolation
  • shame
  • racing heart
  • memory loss
  • sweaty palms


Anxiety can affect the quality of our:

  • relationships,
  • confidence,
  • self-belief,
  • physical health,
  • willingness to try new things
  • schooling,
  • work,
  • memory
  • and ultimately if left unchecked anxiety can lead to other significant mental health issues.
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Why we experience anxiety is personal too

Anxiety may be triggered by recent and even long-past life events, many that we may not be aware of. Significant periods of change or stress are often accompanied by anxiety, such as starting school, adolescence, pregnancy, shifts in responsibility, financial worries, separation, illness, grief or even menopause.

With so many different factors contributing to a person’s experience of anxiety, very individualized treatment is important.

The most successful method of treating anxiety involves a counselor. A trained professional will work with you to help you to;

  • understand your personal experience of anxiety,
  • develop skills and strategies to support you in alleviating the impact of anxiety in your life,
  • re-engage in life with much greater life and vitally.

Getting Started

To begin, you will need to schedule a counseling appointment. Regarded as specialists in anxiety counselling in Melbourne, one of our trained counselors from The Grove will initially meet with you to learn; how anxiety impacts your life, what you believe contributes to your anxiety, what are your anxiety triggers, what helps you feel less overwhelmed in your anxiety, as well as the bigger picture of your life story.

To help us in this process, think about where your greatest concerns are. Do you become anxious in large crowds? Do you fear leaving the house? Is it hard for you in social situations or to go to school? Are you having panic attacks? Share as much information as you feel you can, allowing us to better tailor your anxiety counselling treatment to your needs.

You are not alone - anxiety affects approximately 25% of the Australian population, at some stage in their life - even very young children

Anxiety Treatment for All Ages

Anxiety counselling is available for all ages, from young children to adults. The types of anxiety we experience will often vary, depending on our stage in life.

Small children commonly experience separation anxiety. Some separation anxiety is a normal part of early childhood development. Separation anxiety arises for the child, as they fear their own capacity to feel safe, without the support of the primary care giver; however this is a stage that a child typically grows through. Unresolved separation anxiety can occur for children for a wide variety of reasons, however children that have experienced some family disharmony, or perhaps have experienced a traumatic event, tend to be more prone to experiencing separation anxiety. Perhaps your child becomes highly distressed when you to take them to childcare or school.

When separation anxiety becomes so much that it begins to impact a child’s or even a family’s life, it is time to seek help. Our highly trained child counselor (s), are regarded as specialists in separation anxiety counselling in Melbourne. We can help your child learn how to be with their anxious feelings in a way that no longer overwhelms them – offering freedom to both you, your family, but most importantly your child.


For adults, anxiety can be associated with early life experiences, depression, grief, traumatic events and a host of other issues. Counselling can be a valuable tool to help you develop greater understanding of yourself and ultimately function more actively in life. Depending on your needs and your experiences, we will tailor your anxiety counseling treatment to ensure that you can live life more fully.

When anxiety is interfering with our capacity to function, or perhaps leading towards depression, it is time to seek help.

Seeking Anxiety Treatment

If you suffer from any form of anxiety or depression know that there is help available. Contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy to begin working with a trained professional who can help you find greater ease in your life with our depression counselling in Melbourne or any other form of counselling that we offer.

A child's day to day life is not easy and they might need a helping hand moving on with something that might have happened in school or within the family such as a recent separation. We are offering child Counselling in Melbourne. Of course the process we are using for children and adolescents vary from that of adults and this is what makes it so unique. With our Art therapy and Play therapy techniques we make sure a child is treated as he/she should be treated and experiences the right counselling.

If you feel you struggle with anxiety - we can help...

Today my life is much different. I feel much more able to embrace life...Counselling helped me so much...
— M.Smith

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In addition to anxiety counselling at The Grove we also specialize in a number of other forms of counselling including; child counselling, teen counselling and depression counselling.

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