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If you have been a victim of abuse, it can leave you with profound psychological and physical problems that can severely impact your quality of life. 

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The problem with generic terms such as "abuse" is that abuse can take many forms. It may be physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, or some other form of abuse.

Although there can be a tendency sometimes for some people to think so, none of these different kinds of abuses is any more important or less important than the others. All of them are traumatic and all leave the victim feeling disempowered.

Qualified Therapists for Domestic Abuse

If you have removed yourself from an abusive situation and you’re working on turning your life around, our experienced and professionally trained counsellors can give you the support you need. Everything you talk about in a consultation with us is confidential, and you won't be referred to a third party without your consent.

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For abuse counselling in Melbourne, contact The Grove on (03) 9532 4567. The Grove is a leading Melbourne abuse counselling provider, including domestic abuse counselling and other forms of counselling as well.

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