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Based in the Melbourne bayside suburb of St Kilda East, The Grove is a collaborative counselling and therapy practice.  

We are here to help you develop the skills and understanding that enables change in your life, that lasts.


We are the therapy practice that people come to, when other therapy has not worked.

Offering a very private and supportive space, we invite a reflective and creative approach, to inspire healing and transformation. We work together with you to help you find your right path forward.  For you or your child this may involve family counselling, or play therapy for others it may involve addressing communication difficulties in relationship or struggles with anxiety and depression

We help you get results.  In a recent survey of our clients ...

100% of respondents described their counselling experience as 'meeting their needs very well' and as 'very high quality'.


At The Grove Counselling & Therapy, we work with...


Choosing a therapist can be a difficult decision.  Over the last 20 years, research has consistently shown that the success of therapy is most likely attributed to the degree of 'fit' between the therapist and the client.  

We strongly recommend you take advantage of our 30 minute FREE consultation, to help you decide whether we are at the right therapy practice for you.

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Counselling Services in Melbourne

Far too often people think they have no choice but to endure the difficulties they face in life, and because of societal conditioning it may never occur to them to seek help. If they do feel inclined to seek help, they may not know where to turn, or they may feel a sense of shame at having to ask for help.

That societal influence is strong, and it's very damaging. In truth, nobody should feel that help is beyond them or that they are beyond help.

The Grove has been specially set up in Melbourne as a safe haven for counselling and therapy. There you can talk to professionals in therapy counseling with complete confidentiality and secure knowledge that your therapist is actively engaged in helping you to solve your problems.

Counselling and therapy services available from The Grove include:

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety can be a real problem if you allow it to dominate your life. Counselling can help you gain control over your anxiety and provide you with the strategies to overcome it.

Depression Counselling

Depression is a close cousin of anxiety, but moves into even more dangerous territory. Where anxiety causes worry, depression results in utter despair, and that can be more difficult to come back from. Counselling can provide coping strategies and also help you find some meaning and purpose in life that can offset the despair resulting from depression.

Grief Counselling

Grief is a reaction to loss. It's a natural emotion and one that usually only causes a temporary interruption in your life. When feelings of grief are overwhelming and persistent, however, you will need to seek help.

Family Counselling

It's important for families to get along. If you can't rely on your family, it doesn't leave you in a very good position. Often the problems that affect families are due to misunderstandings that could be easily corrected. A counsellor can help your family move beyond conflict, as well as helping families to discover what is causing disharmony or problems.

Teen Counselling

Being a teen is one of the most difficult phases to go through in life. No longer able to enjoy the care free days of being a child, not yet having the freedoms of being an adult, and still somewhat clueless as to how good it is to not yet be an adult, there's a lot of pressure teens have to deal with. 

Child Counselling

Kids need counselling too, sometimes. Children in general feel more vulnerable than grown ups, and that's because they are. Living in this century is even more stressful than it was in the previous one, because there is a constant (and not completely unjustified) message of fear. There are many different kinds of counselling kids can need.

Trauma Counselling

People of any age who have experienced serious trauma in their life can be haunted by the memories of what happened, and can find that the effect results in the manifestation of other problems. Counselling can help people in this situation to cope and to heal.

When you need help, get help

Don't let your life be a struggle. It doesn't have to be that way.  The Grove can help you reclaim your life and feel better. Call today on (03) 9532 4567.

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