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Counselling services are designed to provide professional support to help individuals - explore feelings and emotions, address mental health issues, work through difficulties with addiction, enhance relationships, improve parenting and family relationships, navigate challenging times in life, and more generally find solutions to problems.  In summary, the counselling experience can help people grow.

Regardless of our age or stage in life, counselling can be beneficial for children, teenagers, adults and couples.  Counselling St. Kilda services offers individuals a confidential and professional space in which they can seek support and grow through life’s challenges.


For many, simply talking to someone about the problems they are facing, can; relieve stress, provide an outlet to help them let go of what is going on, and live life more fully. For others, working with a counselor is a part of their treatment, as they address depression, anxiety, grief, family separation, bullying, abuse and other difficulties in life. Our counselors are trained in all aspects of mental health and are here to assist those who may need some support or are struggling in life.

It can be big step to ask for help.  However, once you realize that you or someone you care about is not coping or could do with some support, this is when to seek treatment.  Early intervention always achieves the best results.  At The Grove, professional counselors are available to help you understand the underlying issues that you are dealing with, as well as support you along a path forward for recovery and growth. Perhaps you are suffering from sleep disruptions and struggle to find enough energy for the day. This could be a sign that you are suffering from depression. Trained professionals at The Grove are able to assess your situation and together with you, develop therapy treatments and supports.

Child Therapy

Parents of children and teens will find that The Grove offers therapy options for both children and teens. Difficulties at school, anxieties, communication issues at home, self esteem, depression and abuse are just a few areas that our counselors can assist with. Depending on the age and development of the child or adolescent, the issue they are struggling with, and their natural inclination for expression, counselors are able to tailor the therapeutic approach to best support the individual.  Child therapy options include art therapy, play therapy, sandplay therapy, talk therapy and expressive therapies – these are some of the approaches we use to support children and teens to find ways to express, explore and resolve challenges in their lives.  Our aim is to support your child and your family find greater ease in your lives.

Adult Therapy

At The Grove Counselling & Therapy we take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  Consequently, when working with adults, counselors begin by seeking to develop an understanding of the whole person.  In our early sessions counselors inquire about a range of issues, such as - emotional wellbeing, physical health, early life experiences, stressors and supports.  Regardless of whether you are seeking individual or couples counselling, this assists the counselor to begin to develop a sense of the underlying issues that may be contributing to your experience.  Our therapists are trained in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, ranging from traditional talk therapy, art therapy, expressive therapies to wholebody focusing oriented therapy, and the counselors tailor the therapeutic treatment to the individual’s unique situation.

To learn more about St Kilda counselling services offered, please contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy on 03-9532-4567 today or make a booking via our Online BOOKING platform.

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Counselors are ready to assist you with quality treatment options to help you find greater ease in your life.

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Counselling Services in Malvern

If you have found you sometimes struggle to cope with the challenges life sends your way, you don't need to struggle silently or alone. Help is available, and you can find it at The Grove.

We have established a counselling practice in the local area to help people find the solutions that will help make life feel easier and less challenging. Now you can get counselling in Malvern and surrounding areas from qualified professional counsellors.

Our proven methods of therapy have helped thousands of people live fuller lives, able to face life with confidence and even enthusiasm.

Whatever you may be struggling with, let the professionals at The Grove help you find a path forward that is right for you.

Seeking help is important

When people ignore their problems or hope that the problems will just go away by themselves, it often leads to much worse problems developing.  If you are suffering from conditions such as anxiety, depression, phobias, or PTSD, you should seek help right away.

When you get help early, you can avoid the consequences that can occur from leaving such serious conditions untreated. Sometimes people manage to hide their problems successfully from the world for a really long time, but it's never a good idea to do this.

If you need help, get help. There's really no reason to make your life a struggle when there are so many resources available, including top quality counselling from The Grove.

Our Malvern Counsellors are here for you

Our counsellors are trained professionals with experience helping people to overcome grief, anxiety, fear, depression, and more. Counselling sessions are confidential, and are conducted in a supportive environment where you can voice your feelings without concern. Our service is completely focused on helping you.

We respect your individuality

You deserve to be respected as the unique individual you are. Too many counselling services provide generic answers to their clients, and this doesn't serve clients well.

We listen to what you have to say, and we provide advice that is uniquely tailored to your circumstances.

For grief counselling, depression counselling, or anxiety counselling in Malvern, you will not find a therapy centre more dedicated to helping you as an individual, because we see you as a person, not just a client.

A different kind of counselling service in Malvern

If you've gone to other Malvern counselling and found your needs are not fully satisfied, come to The Grove and experience the difference. We are 100 per cent dedicated to helping you get the answers you need.

For all your counselling needs, The Grove is the one place with the best resources to provide you with the best results.

Get started by calling The Grove today on (03) 9532 4567.

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