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Life can be tough, and often it can be incredibly helpful to have someone to talk with, to work through -difficult emotions, traumatic events that have happened in our lives, or to help with family struggles.

Thankfully, counselling services can assist and help individuals who are in need of support. Offering various types of therapy and supporting a wide variety of issues, counselling Caulfield services at The Grove are available to anyone needing support. The Grove covers a wide range of therapy needs, helping people find a better quality of life.

What is Counselling?

Perhaps you have never visited a counselor or are unclear of what counselling is. Counselling is a service provided by a trained professional whose role it is to support you to find clarity and greater ease in the struggles you are facing in life. The counselor will provide a non-judgmental space in which you can share how you are feeling, explore forward paths, discover your own inner resources, build skills, and achieve develop long lasting transformation. Some people seek counselling because they simply want someone to talk to, whilst others need help to work through issues and address struggles such as depression, anxiety, bullying or abuse.

A trained professional, such as ours at The Grove, are able to assist by providing quality therapy treatments. Our counselors will listen to your concerns and together with you, create a plan of treatment to improve your quality of life. Perhaps the appropriate plan of treatment for you is a one off session, or for others it may be an ongoing relationship with a counselor. Therapy treatment is very individual, tailored specifically to your needs. As holistic therapists, we offer a variety of approaches to therapy, to help you find what you need at this time.

Can I Benefit From Therapy?

At The Grove, counselors can provide therapy for children, teens, adults and couples. Perhaps you are a family struggling to communicate with each other. Therapy can help. Collaboratively, counselors will work with your family to help you find solutions and develop skills to enable healthy communication between you all. Perhaps you are feeling down, having trouble sleeping and are feeling very unmotivated about life. A counselor will be able to assess your feelings and help you develop clarity around your issues, such as depression or anxiety.

Any individual can benefit from therapy, if they feel they are being affected by something in some way. For many people, simply talking to someone freely, can help them come to know themselves better, enabling them to make quality decisions in everyday life.

To learn more about therapy options, contact The Grove Counselling & Therapy today. Learn more about our various treatment types and schedule an initial appointment. A qualified counselor will begin by discussing personal details and learning just what you hope to accomplish with therapy. Continue with sessions to develop skills, find solutions and achieve long lasting transformation.

The Grove Counselling is offering various forms of Counselling depending the individual needs.

Forms of Counselling include but not limited to

  • Art Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Expressive Therapies
  • Talk Therapy

These forms of Counselling is individually tailored to fit the needs of our adult counselling, children counselling and teen counselling programs.

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