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Introduction to Mindfulness - 4 week course (plus FREE introductory workshop)
to Sep 18

Introduction to Mindfulness - 4 week course (plus FREE introductory workshop)

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Mindfulness Solutions with Kate Oliver

Do you wish you were less emotionally reactive?   Less stressed as a parent?  More productive at work?  Do you wish you are calm, focussed, happy and able to enjoy relationships with a sense of ease?  MINDFULNESS can give you these tools, in simple, easy steps.

Beginning with a FREE introductory workshop, this 4 week course will explore:

  1. The NEUROSCIENCE OF MINDFULNESS - how mindfulness can help reshape our neural pathways to promote calmer, happier states of being.
  2. WHAT IS STRESS? - How does it affect our brain and our body's biochemistry?  And how can mindfulness help?
  3. FORMAL & INFORMAL MINDFULNESS PRACTICE - strengthening the muscle of the mind through the practice of focusing our attention, then learning to integrate mindfulness into every day life so we can stay calm, happy, connected and productive.
  4. The super power heart practices of LOVING KINDNESS and GRATITUDE - how they chill us out, make us happier and more resilient when life throws us the odd curve ball!
  • WHERE: The Grove Counselling & Therapy - 1 Attley Gve, St Kilda East
  • COURSE: Mon 28th Aug, 4th Sep, 11th Sep, 18th Sep
  • TIME: 7 - 8:30PM (doors open at 6:45pm for a 7pm start)
  • COST: $220

PLACES ARE LIMITED - payment will secure your spot

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT - go to  Introduction to Mindfulness


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OCD Treatment Group
to Jul 16

OCD Treatment Group

  • The Grove Counselling & Therapy (map)
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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) for OCD with Dr Debbie Zaks

Facilitator: Dr Deb Zaks

Who: Adults (18 or over) with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

What: 8 week group treatment program for OCD

When: 28th May - 16th July; Saturday 1 - 3pm

Where: The Grove Counselling & Therapy, 1 Attley Grove, St Kilda East

Cost: with a Mental Health Care Plan in place : $350 (after Medicare rebate) / without a Mental Health Care Plan: $600* (*cost negotiable in special circumstances)

Elements of the Program: The program includes experiential practices, practical skill development, group discussion, explanatory metaphors, visualisations, meditation, and homework exercises.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Your experience of OCD - what's working and what isn't?
  • From the inner-critic to self-compassion
  • The paradox of control
  • The process of acceptance
  • Contact the present moment
  • Strengthen your inner observer
  • Skills to transform the way you relate to OCD obsessions, anxiety feelings, and compulsions 
  • Live in sync with your true values

Contact Dr Deb Zaks for a confidential discussion on 0401-637-449 or email


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