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Grief Group - Making Space for Loss

  • The Grove Counselling & Therapy 1 Attley Grove St Kilda East Australia (map)
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Grief Group - Making Space for Loss

Has someone significant in your life died?

  • Despite it being some time past now, do you find yourself caught in bouts of sadness or perhaps anger and wonder if anyone even notices how you are not managing?

  • Are you left wondering at times, how the world continues to move on, whilst yours seems to have stopped? Wondering how the people around you go about daily life as though nothing has changed, while your life will never be the same again?

  • Do you feel that you just can’t share your sorrow with others any more, for fear they are tired of you, thinking you should be ‘over it by now’? 

  • Or do you worry that since the death of your loved one, you feel so disconnected from them, the memories of them and your time together may be lost forever?

Death of someone dear to us, can be a very lonely experience, that is hard to make sense of.

Grief Group is designed to be a supportive space. A safe place to land & pause, particularly when the experience of loss is too difficult to describe. A place where it is OK to have all the responses to grief that may be too hard to share.

Facilitated by the wonderfully warm and incredibly experienced Cheryl Taylor, this group is designed to help you find a place in life, after death.

Grief Group is an excellent adjunct to individual therapy, where you may be working through experiences of loss.

  • WHERE: The Grove Counselling & Therapy - 1 Attley Gve, St Kilda East

  • INITIAL SESSION (max 8 participants)

    • Mon 1st July (open group - try it out)

  • GRIEF GROUP (max 8 participants)

    • 29th July 2019 (closed group)

    • 26th Aug 2019 (closed group)

    • 23rd Sept 2019 (closed group)

    • 21st Oct 2019 (closed group)

    • 18th Nov 2019 (closed group)

    • 16th Dec 2019 (closed group)

  • TIME: 7 - 9PM (doors open at 6:45pm for a 7pm start)

  • FACILITATOR: Cheryl Taylor

  • COST: 

    • Initial Session - $90

    • Grief Group - $540 ($90 x 6 ) - commit to all 6 sessions

  • INTERESTED: BOOK a 20min FREE Exploration Session with Cheryl Taylor to secure your place at an Initial Session