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Fear is a normal part of life, and everyone experiences fear at one time or another, even the most brave people you know. When people talk about phobias, what they're usually referring to is excessive fear.

A little bit of fear can be healthy. In fact a complete absence of fear when faced with a danger may be a clue that something is not right. Too much fear, on the other hand, can be debilitating. That's the kind of fear that needs to be treated so it doesn't continue to cause problems in your life.

What is Phobia Counselling?

Fortunately it is easy to get help. For phobia counselling in Melbourne, contact The Grove on (03) 9532 4567. The Grove is a leading provider of phobia counselling in Melbourne, and has helped thousands of people to overcome their phobias so they can live normally, without excessive fear.

Fear is a kind of prison. Your fear may well be keeping you alive, but as long as you are a prisoner to fear, you are not really living a full life, and some would consider it to not be a life at all.

There are so many different kinds of phobias that there is no generic "one size fits all" treatment for phobia. Also there can be huge differences between individuals as to the degree of the phobia and the effects that it's having on their lives, so again treatments usually need to be tailored to the specific individual.

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Diagnosing a phobia is usually not necessary because most people already know what they're extremely afraid of, and they usually also know that it is having a negative effect on their life in some way.

Most treatment for phobia is performed through controlled exposure therapy, where you can become desensitized to the source of your fear. This sometimes wouldn't be appropriate if the exposure actually would cause you serious harm (a fear of radioactive particles, for example), however even a phobia such as this can still be treated in alternative ways.

Another way to treat phobia is through a technique called mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which provides techniques for helping you to understand, control, and overcome your fears by relating to them from a less impactful perspective.

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Most consultations are performed at The Grove, however if your phobia is of a nature that would make it impossible for you to attend a session on site, it may be possible for us to come to you, or even conduct the counselling session entirely online.


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